Kermap News

Nov 04, 2022

Kermap completes first fundraising round to accelerate and fuel international expansion

Kermap takes a new step in its development with this operation supported by Sodero Gestion and NGO Earthworm Foundation

Antoine Lefebvre, PDG de Kermap, lors de la cérémonie French Tech DeepNum20
Kermap News

Oct 28, 2022

Kermap wins French Tech Deep excellence program DeepNum20

Kermap enters La French Tech's new excellence program gathering the 20 most promising deeptechs developing disruptive technologies.

Drought in Irak : split-screen view of the Mosul Area April 2020 vs 2022

Jun 17, 2022

Satellite imagery and climate change : monitoring the impact of drought in Iraq

On the occasion of the United Nations' World day to combat desertification and drought (17 June), Kermap’s Earth observation platform Nimbo Maps helps putting images and figures on Iraq’s critical situation

Urban planning

Dec 16, 2021

Climate change in 2021 : a view from the cities

A few days from the end of a year that might be historic, let's have a look back at 2021's climate in 24 cities across the world with Klover.

Kermap News

Jun 16, 2021

Kermap’s new Nimbo solution opens satellite data for all

Nimbo launches a new era for access to geospatial information. The solution is now available for professional applications, ahead of a consumer version.

Nature in the city : poppies growing between cobblestones
Urban planning

Jul 01, 2020

Urban vegetation: the case for green cities

Providing more green spaces to city dwellers, yes, but where do we start? New technologies applied to GIS may hold the key.

Urban planning

Jun 24, 2020

Urban heat islands explained

Why is it hotter in the city than in the countryside? The explanation lies in three letters: UHI, for urban heat island.

Black and white photographs of cars on the à Saint-Laurent du Var road in 1954
Urban planning

Jun 24, 2020

Land-use inventory, past and present

In a bid to contain land take and soil sealing, the NICE ECOVALLEE authority enrolled Kermap to get a clearer picture.