Nimbo: Earth map and time machine

A map application based on satellite imagery to show how the Earth changes ? True, others have been there before, but Nimbo Maps is not quite like the others.

First because it gets rid of clouds to deliver homogenous views of the Earth, out of satellite images from the Copernicus programme’s Sentinel mission. And also because Nimbo Maps lets you navigate through time on a monthly basis on four different types of maps : natural colors, infrared, NDVI (vegetation health) and radar. Different perspectives to witness major natural evolutions, but also smaller-scale transformations.

Comparing two periods in “split-screen” mode or making one’s own Earth timelapse video : a child’s play with Nimbo Maps. All you have to do then is downloading your Earth timelapse, ready for social sharing.

What’s more, Nimbo Maps is free : all you have to do is create an account to access the easiest Earth observation platform out there.

Geospatial data for professionals

Delivering data that is at once dynamic, recent, reliable, even on wide areas up to the continental level : four reasons why Nimbo is a must for public authorities or businesses in need of geodata.

Its rapidity, reliability and scalability make it an ideal solution to meet the ever-increasing demand for geographic information on land transformations, especially in the agriculture, environment and land planning sectors.

The Nimbo solution makes things easier for GIS professionals with its different versions :

  • OGC web service to view maps in GIS softwares (QGIS)
  • Nimbo APIs for smooth integration of satellite data into workflows
  • Custom geobrowsing platform designed by Kermap to suit users’ specific needs

Our Nimbo Pro solution is already available, get in touch to know all about it !

Land dynamics unfold in thematic maps designed for pros, thanks to specific indicators retrieved from satellite imagery through remote sensing.

Among the many applications : crop monitoring, year after year or in-season thanks to our solution’s farming product : identification, rotations, cover rate and duration…

The two faces of Nimbo

This new geodata solution is both the demonstration of our expertise and the outcome of our conviction. Our expertise is the use of artificial intelligence, especially deep learning: advanced AI models to automate the extraction of data and indicators and to build easy-to-use visualization platforms. Our conviction is that access to essential information contained in satellite imagery can be widened to a larger audience. And that the availability of Earth observation data can both improve general environmental awareness and the efficiency of public or private initiatives.